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Practice Brokerage

If a sale or partial sale is contemplated, we will:



The analysis of your practice to determine its value in the marketplace is performed by our affiliate Practice & Liability Consultants, LLC, and is to be paid for in advance. The fee for this appraisal will be between $3,000 and $5,000 depending on the complexity of the task.


Once the appraisal is completed, all of the other services are included in one brokerage fee, which is paid at close of escrow. There are no other up-front fees and no hourly billings.


Do you already have a buyer lined-up? This is not uncommon. Most of the same services are still needed to assure a successful and binding transaction; but marketing, screening, and price-negotiation are not required, so we offer a discount in these situations.


If you are interested in buying a practice, we will:




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